Application Submission Options

Option 1 (New applicants) – Call Don Middleton at (989) 295-4201.

Option 2 (Renewals only) – Fill out the online application form and process your application payment via credit card.

Base application fee: $210.00

Regarding checks: You cannot send in a check unless you have talked to Don Middleton at (989) 295-4201 and have an approved lot assignment.  If you send a check without approval it does not guarantee you a spot.

Applications are closed for 2022!

Rules and Guidelines for RV Parking

For the safety of all patrons, the Bay City Fireworks Festival, working with the City of Bay City, the Bay City Police Department and Fire Department has established the following rules and guidelines for parking RV’s during the fireworks festival:
  • Parking will only be permitted from  6:00 pm Wednesday, before festival, through 12:00 pm Sunday, after festival.  You must vacate the park by 12pm Sunday, unless Saturday’s fireworks are rained out.
  • One RV and one vehicle will be allowed on each assigned spot. A permit will be given to you for your RV and a sticker for your vehicle to be displayed in windshield area.  
  • You may have as many visitors as you wish, but due to limited space, your guests will not be allowed to park in the RV area. They will need to park elsewhere. RV parking will be in designated, assigned areas only.
  • Anyone passing or using permits to obtain entrance and unauthorized parking will be towed if illegally parked, and permit holders will lose their spots for the following year. BCCF reserves the issuance, control, and will reclaim permits for spots when rules are violated.
  • Tape banners and other devices intended to reserve space for watching the fireworks will be prohibited.
  • Park fixtures not affixed to the ground (picnic tables, etc) are available on a first come, first serve basis. We can’t supply one for everyone, so if we can’t use what we have in a gentlefolk way, we will not have them available. 
  • Locks will be cut and chains removed if used.
  • Alcohol, outdoor grills, and fireworks are not permitted in any part of the park.
  • All city ordinances apply and will be strictly enforced. any violators of these rules/guidelines will be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense.
  • Please consider your fellow RV’ers by limiting your use of generators, air conditioners and any other noise or fume producing devices.
  • Hook up of any electrical from boxes in the park will not be tolerated. you will lose your spot(s). 
  • Any golf carts or vehicles are not allowed unless approved by BCCF board. 
  • To report any safety or security issues, there are security officers on duty at each gate of the park and at the security building by the north end of the boat ramp area. Use 911 if appropriate.
  • For any issues involving RV parking or general issues, you can call 989-295-4201. Remember to protect your awnings and convertible cars from hot embers from the show that can travel great distances.
  • Respect everyone’s chance to enjoy our festival. We are proud and happy that you chose to visit us.
  • For emergency use 911, for other festival issues call 989-415-4202.
  • The notice for renewal will be sent February/March with the deadline for renewing being May 1st.
  • You cannot send in a check unless you have talked to someone on the board and have approval to set up at the fireworks. If you send a check without approval it does not guarantee you a spo

Map for RV Parking

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