Bay City Fireworks Festival Turns 55!


As we move towards our 55th year of fireworks displays in Bay City I am amazed at the community with which we live in. This small town of Bay City has grown into a vacation destination during the summer months. The Bay City Fireworks Festival is one event that families plan their vacations around, couples plan their weddings / anniversaries to coincide with and travelers plan their arrivals. Not to mention all of the other great events that happen throughout the Summer months.

We have evolved over the years when it comes to setting our dates for the festival, we would always try and incorporate the actual 4th of July in our event. Every 5-7 years the date would fall on a Tuesday or Wednesday which made it very difficult for people to attend the event from out of town. It is for this reason that we have tried to stick with our Thursday, Friday, Saturday format the past several years. When setting our dates we not only take into account the dates but also the scheduling for our largest vendor, Skerbecks Family Carnival.

The entire committee is busy planning for another great year, hoping to make this upcoming 2017 Bay City Fireworks Festival as great as the last 54.

Please come out and join us this Summer, you will be entertained by great music, food and merchandise vendors and some amazing fireworks each evening. Not to mention all of the fun that your entire family will enjoy on Skerbecks Family Carnival, the thrill of a helicopter ride with Magnum helicopters or bouncing around with Tri-City Bubble in there bubble balls.

We’ll see you in Downtown Bay City on June 29th, 30th and July 1st for a weekend packed full of fun things to do and see.